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The dictionary of «Italiese» is born: half Italian and half English

Source: Corriere del Mezzogiorno In 4-5 months it will be available online. It collects a particular vocabulary created by immigrants in North America. NAPLES - Until now it was known as the language of the "maccaroni", the language that the Italian immigrants spoke in North America, a mix of a little Italian with the slang [...]

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ITALIESE – Italian or English?

As any change is a possible enrichment, the influence of the English language on the Italian one is certainly an interesting fact. But someone exaggerates ... our blog "Italiese – Rubrica bacchettona" studies with lightness that exaggeration. Source: Italiana - Lingua e Cultura     - Twelfth episode: "Do you speak Sicilianglo?" The "sicilianglo", better [...]

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Italiese, our beautiful language of ‘Merica!

Source: La Voce di New York This is an interview with Michele Cecchini, author of the novel “Per il bene che ti voglio” in which the protagonist Antonio Bevilacqua, from Lucca, immigrated to California in the 1920s. He becomes Tony Drinkwater and lives in a Middle Earth, that of those who are not yet American [...]

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Store, storo or negozio? The Back Story of Italiese

Source: An Italian Canadian Life I’ve been itching to see something new. Get away and plan a vacation. While we’ve been planning, we’ve been joking around and it brought up  a word my grandmother used to use: vacationa. I’m sure you won’t find that in a dictionary anywhere, but let’s use it in a sentence [...]

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Italiese: Not just for immigrants

Source: italicissima The word italiese italiese (Italian + English) was coined by Gianrenzo Clivio in 1975 to describe the mixture between Italian and English spoken by Italian immigrants in Canada. This term is also used to describe the Italianized English spoken in the Italian immigrant communities in the United States, England, Australia and New Zealand. [...]

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