Where: Subdury     Year: 2011

“Nozze all’arrabbiata” is the fourth comedy in a series dedicated to the Italian-Canadian community of Sudbury. Starting from the end of the nineteenth century, thanks to the mineral wealth of this area of Northern Ontario, many Italian immigrants have found work. Nowadays, the Italian community has about twenty-five thousand people out of a total population of 165,000. In addition to the vocabulary used in the construction field, the comedy offers the viewer / reader an extensive list of matrimonial terms, coined by the Italian immigrant in his attempt to mix traditions and customs of the country of origin with those of the host country.


Where: Subdury     Year: 2010

The comedy takes place in the Gatchell (a Sudbury area) of today, and follows the “everyday life” of two Italian-Canadian families, Giovanni Campino’s and Franco Campino’s, two brothers. The protagonist of the play is Vita, Giovanni’s daughter. The comic side of the play emerges when the Italian-Canadian culture of the families, is going to clash with the Canadian culture, represented by the neighbors and by the children’s friends.


Where: Subdury     Year: 2008

About 20,000 people of Italian origin live in Sudbury, where there is a tradition for Italian theater. The “dirty clothes are washed in the family”, tells the story of the Pallone family, who came from Italy in the 50s with a hope for a better future. This play shows us that the great strength of this Italian family is that its members recognize the importance of being able to count on each other.


Where: Subdury     Year: 2009

“Ma che brava gente!” consists of a series of 6 vignettes that outline various moments in the lives of two Italian-Canadian families who have lived in the west end of Sudbury since the 50s. This play testifies the life that Italian immigrants have created in their adopted land and the labors and obstacles they have had to overcome in order to survive and thrive in this new world. We dedicate it to them.